What makes us special!

Our products are made for you in Tanzania and imported to Germany as a finished product. It is very important to us that the added value takes place in Tanzania and not in faraway Europe. The products are preferably made by craftsmen in rural regions and not in a large factory.

We value direct trade with small producers without middlemen or trading companies. We set the prices for the products in agreement with the craftsmen. Included in the price of the final product is an education and investment surcharge, which is intended to enable the manufacturers to further their education and to expand their business as they see fit.

It is also important to us that we act transparently for you as our customer. For this reason, each of our products has detailed price information on it, which tells you how the price was arrived at. The product name kipoa is a fusion of the Kiswahili words „kitenge“, the East African cotton fabric from which our bags are made, and „poa“, the word for cool. So kipoa stands for „trendy fabric“.

We hope that you will like our idea, support it and tell people about us. We promise you that your money will go to the people who made the kipoa product and that they will get a place in the world market that enables them to participate fairly. We are committed to peacefully creating such a world and hope that we can win you over to this cause.

Thank you for your interest in kipoa!

Thank you very much! Asante sana!